We allow you to take the employee benefits paradigm to the next level.

Insurance Happiness offers a new type of strategy made possible by today’s technology.

The CHAMP plan is now available in Southern California!

the champ plan gives you the tools to allow your clients to:

  • lower THEIR health care spend

  • drive utilization away from their group plan

  • have a proven method to get their employees healthier

  • fill in the gaps of their existing plan

the champ plan works along side any EXISTING plan or strategy you are currently using with your clients.

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Touchless Admin


Intuitive Enrollments


Easy to use

mobile app



I own a company with over 400 employees. I have always offered employees the chance to participate on our group policy but it’s very expensive and so most of them decline coverage. I pay a higher rate due to the lack of participation. Now I am required to make sure they all have health insurance and frankly paying the penalties seemed like the least expensive option before I discovered Insurance Happiness and the CHAMP program. These guys are sharp professional consultants who have saved money on my medical premiums and have saved my employees on their “out of pocket” medical expenses. Frankly I cant believe how much money I am saving. My employees now have life insurance , health benefits , supplements and 100% coverage for preventative care. I am paying 80% less than I thought I would be paying for my business’s most cost efficient scenario. I highly recommend adding the CHAMP program to your current benefit programs.



Custom Census Analysis

We prepare a custom Census Analysis which includes:

  1. The added benefits the employees will receive

  2. The amount of recovered profit the Employer will realize beginning in month one of the wellness program

  3. The summary of health benefits associated with the wellness program

It doesn’t cost anything to ” discover your options” . What you “don’t know” can cost you thousands .We see a huge opportunity for Employers to position themselves in such a way that they can swing the advantage back their way.

Lift The Pressure

Employers are feeling the pinch of healthcare costs and smaller margins .Important and potentially costly healthcare decisions are being made every day. Contact us , you will be glad you did!

We will increase the Employer’s profit margins AND reduce the employee’s exposure to medical expenses.