Apostolic Assembly Health Plan Changes

If you are a pastor with the Apostolic Assembly, then your health insurance is changing and you need to do some important steps before November 15th, 2019, to avoid being without coverage.

The current group insurance plan with Kaiser is going away as of 12/01/2019. The plan as it is currently organized is out of compliance with the current health insurance laws and changes need to be made. With new federal health laws non employees are no longer allowed to be on a corporate employee health plan. The GOOD NEWS is that many of the you who are pastors will be able to spend less on your health coverage.

When the health insurance laws changed with the affordable care act, a federal tax relief plan was put into effect to make insurance more affordable for many. The reduction in cost is based on a tax household’s Adjusted gross income and how many family members are in their tax household. As a pastor, you are allowed to deduct a housing allowance from your adjusted gross income. This means that the taxable amount that would qualify you is more than likely within the income range to offer you significant savings and great coverage. You can even stay with Kaiser if you would like to.

Currently, most of you are paying rates for your health insurance that are as follows:

One person - $608.18

Two persons - $1338

A Family - $1824.55

With the new Federal and State tax subsidies that are available to reduce what you pay for health insurance for non employees, most pastors will end up paying less or close to the same amount.

As a pastor you are allowed to deduct a housing allowance from your taxable income. Because this lowers your household taxable income, it can increase the amount of savings you can receive off your health plan. (Watch the video for an explanation)

In order to get you enrolled in a new plan and figure out what you qualify for, I will need to get some information from each of you. Here are the steps to get enrolled in a new plan.

(This is not optional as the current plan will go away on December 1st.)

  1. Fill out the form below and click submit.

  2. We will figure out what your new options will be and send you the options, and what additional information is needed to enroll you.

  3. You will send us the additional enrollment information that we need and we will take care of enrolling you.

  4. We will confirm enrollment with you and notify you of any payment requirements.

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